it takes a few shots to kill the pink protein (ladyjanegrey) wrote,
it takes a few shots to kill the pink protein

it is finished.

my time here is up.
i've done what i came to do.

(fly away home little girl.)

and now.
a word from our sponsors.
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I'm hoping that
I should
be happy for you.

Because I'd like to
be able
to be happy for you.

You know?
i came to find myself.
on the same day that you came
(for whatever reason you are here)
and so
(this journal)
has lost it's use.
and i had the added benefit
of finding
like you.
oh, i'm a bit teary
the lady is flying
and there will be no more moonlit nights
of dreaming and dreamy parties.
and take a picture of my mind
to carry with you
in your pocket.
with stars in your eyes
your wings have been mended
and youre okay once more
youre leaving me beautiful
but that is okay
no, not forever.
(bananas will fly
i will leave you)
Please don't go
Please don't fly away
what will I do
without someone to dream of rain with?
what will one do
without such lovely shades of gray?
HA! i did it!!!!! Amanda Lyn did it! yeah! thats all i can say! yaayyyaaayy!
And so
a month has passed
without the pleasure of Your heart
with us.
Are You reading?
I miss You.

your journal


April 4 2001, 15:42:57 UTC 15 years ago

Just stopped to say i've enjoyed your journal- perhaps it isn't always completely coherent- but who needs that anyway? Lovely stuff.
ello dahlin
remembering the past
you came to mind

thought i would
drop in and
give my
fondest regards
(It used to be a Stephanie McMahon community, but no one posts.)

Name: La Vie Boheme
About: This community is for all bohemians. A bohemian is an artist. Someone who believes in beauty freedom truth and love. Whether you are a writer, an artist, an actor/actress or a director you are welcome here. Rookies and ametures are welcome. What can you post? Anything. Post poems, stories, drawings,photgraphes,film ideas. Post about your struggle as a Bohemian. I have only a few rules

1.Please do not bash other peoples work. Healthy critisizm and comments are welcome, but not bashing
2.Please use LJ cut if your entry is long.

if you have any questions please contact me at the email address above, thanks and Goddess bless
-Little Mel
I came
too late
to know you
but I know you
I wonder, will you
ever come back?
hello! i saw you listed fiddle as an interest so i would like to invite you to join the livejournal fiddle community! (fiddle) ...please join, we will have a rockin good time!
I just wanted to say that you've been missed around here. Let me know if you ever decide to come back.

if you want.
only i'm not quite the same as i was.
in a good way.

your new zenmech poem is quite nice.

Re: find me here:


13 years ago

Re: find me here:


13 years ago

i'm sorry i missed you.
now i am sorrier.
add me...youre neat

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September 2 2003, 11:59:27 UTC 13 years ago


Emo_sex (


September 2 2003, 12:00:01 UTC 13 years ago


Emo_sex (
hello, if you are getting this then i checked under interests in Livejournal and you put Joan of arc, I am sending this because there is a new Joan of arc-ish band called Make Believe, (it also has a member of love of everything in it) and they are touring but they're also playing in my basement on June 7th, i live in syracuse, NY, if you'd like to come email me back and i'll give you directions, i can't tell if people are going to respond to this or be creeped out or whatever, anyway,

Make Believe tour
+ Dates w/ Hella & Need New Body
& Dates w/ Hella & Need New Body & Sextet Invasion

05.18.04 @ Emo's Alternative Lounging | Austin, TX+
05.19.04 @ Proletariat | Houston, TX+
05.20.04 @ Hailey's | Denton, TX+
05.21.04 @ Living Room | Texarkana, AR+
05.22.04 @ Nitecaps | Lafayette, LA+
05.23.04 @ Banks St. Warehouse | New Orleans, LA+
05.25.04 @ Common Grounds | Gainesville, FL+
05.26.04 @ The Orpheum | Tampa, FL+
05.28.04 @ The Social | Orlando, FL+
05.29.04 @ Drunken Unicorn | Atlanta, GA&
05.30.04 @ Go! Rehearsal | Carrboro, NC+
05.31.04 @ Wharehouse Nextdoor | Washington, DC+
06.02.04 @ First Unitarian | Philadelphia, PA+
06.03.04 @ Knitting Factory | New York, NY+
06.04.04 @ North Six | Brooklyn, NY+
06.05.04 @ The Green Room | Providence, RI+
06.06.04 @ T.T. the Bear's | Cambridge, MA+
06.09.04 @ Detroit Art Space | Detroit, MI+

check for more information about make believe

thanks for reading this far,

Jared Larson
kick-ass poetry.

sorry if you never come back.
Hi my name is Chris. I play in a band called Goodbye Skyline from Calabasas, CA. If you like good music please check us out at: