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ladyjanegrey's Journal

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it takes a few shots to kill the pink protein
9 October
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this is me.
you always wondered
but never wanted
to know.
the red apples
given to me
by the widow.
and the spiders
who crawled
across my bed
while i slept.
air, americana, andy warhol, apples, apples in stereo, appleseed cast, archers of loaf, art teachers, barefootedness, being underwater, belle and sebastian, bjork, bohemia, books with strange endings, breathing, bright eyes, britain, built to spill, c.s. lewis, cat power, charles dickens, chaucer, christianity, christmas lights, clowns, coldplay, crooked fingers, damien jurado, dancer in the dark, dante, dirt, dj.sasha, dj.welly, drum'n'bass, e.e. cummings, edvard munch, edward scissorhands, electronica, emo, evelyn glenny, fiddle, films about revolutions, fine china, fiona apple, flying, folk music, foreign films, fuzzy cardigans, g.k. chesterton, glam rock, god, guided by voices, henrik ibsen, himself, hugs, iceland, illusions, indie films, indie rock, innovative art, insomnia, ireland, iridescent burgundy hair clips, isak dinesen, jazz, jesus christ, jets to brazil, joan cusack, joan of arc, johnny cash, jonathan swift, jones soda, kenneth fearing, kent, kissing, kitty craft, knee length fake-fur coats, laughing, lewis carroll, life, london, loreena mckennit, love, madness, marge piercy, mean red spiders, medieval tales, mini staplers, mockingbirds, modern compositions, modest mouse, monty python, mud between my toes, noise, old souls, orphans, pain, pedro the lion, pennyroyal oil, philosophy, piano, poem anthologies, progressive rock, rain, ray bradbury, reading, revolutionaries, rice milk, roald dahl, rock-and-or-roll, royalty, safety pins, scarves, screaming, shakespeare, shoeboxes, short stories, shouting, silence, singing, skin, soho, speaking inaudibly, speaking with ruined tongues, st. anselm, starlight mints, stars, subpop, suffering, supergrass, t.s. eliot, teaching, tennyson, the spanish prisoner, thelonius monk, thrift shops, trembling blue stars, trip-hop, unfertilized plans, unpopular culture, used book shops, vegans, vintage clothing, vintage furniture, visionaries, water, what dreams may come, whispering, writing, zealots

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